You can’t have it all

foto 3Last week Dutch supermodel Cato van Ee visited us in our showroom. I feel obligated to use the term supermodel, because just the word model doesn’t quite seem to cut it. But to be honest, I have something against the word supermodel. Not because of what it means but because of the way it sounds. It’s to much like supermarket and superman. Not that its so dramatic to be compared with superman (well, maybe for a woman?), but still, to me it’s an ugly word. It might be a totally personal issue, and nobody can identify, but I do prefer the word model over supermodel. Ok, I’m totally straying. So, Cato.[separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]

We are superfans (also a word I would want to elaborate on, it’s almost the same as superfun, again an annoying word) of Cato’s. And thankfully it is mutual. At least, she is a fan of our products, and with a little luck of us too. For both parties a win-win that she found an opening in her packed schedule to visit us at the Jan van Goyenkade. If you see Cato, you are brutally reminded of the world not being fair. A face without make-up and still looking perfect. So there you are with your lashes fully smeared with fortyfive layers of mascara.[separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]

But, says the devil-ish voice in the womans brain, ‘she’s probably not really a nice person’. But oh yes, Cato is also very nice. And –God forgive me for using the following words’foto 2she has kept it real. And despite the fact that Cato is probably overloaded with free clothes, shoes, gifts and things we don’t want to know about because it would turn us in to manic jealous people, she was as happy as can be with her Karma-boots. And as if it wasn’t her every day job, she lovingly agreed to pose for our camera. And indeed, we could have learned a thing or two from that. Where we as amature models are constantly in a state of ‘where-the-hell-do-I-put-my-hands-when-I-do-a-solo-photo’, Cato casually and without shame moved fluently around before the camera’s. The world is so unfair.[separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]

Because Cato is also just another human being and she also much rather take photo’s together than by herself in her free time, we decided one of us had to join her. Using my ‘I don’t really like my outfit much today’ line I got out of looking like some kind of washed up wale posing next to Cato. Roos obviously tried to find an excuse but since she was looking fashionable as always, she wasn’t getting out of it. Brave she did her duty, and to be honest, they could have been sisters!






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