Karma of Charme boots are made in Le Marche, the centre of the Italian shoe industry, in the small coastal town of Civitanova. Karma of Charme started as a small family company and is starting to grow and become a world-wide well known brand. Many shoe factories in Le Marche have transferred their production to China, or other Asian countries, and that is why many Italian craftsmen ran out of work. Many of these very experienced shoemakers were recruited by Karma of Charme and are now making these original and beautiful boots.


Craftsmanship and originality is the main trend in today’s fashion industry and this is exactly what Karma of Charme stands for. Every boot is handmade.


What is the story behind this unique Karma of Charme Bohemian look? The design of the first Karma boot is based on the traditional moccasin boot worn by native Americans. Such a boot was first seen during the sixties on the hippie island Ibiza. Young and free spirits across the world came to Ibiza to spend their holidays and implemented the Bohemian style once back in their hometowns and that is how the gypsy look spread rapidly through the rest of Europe.


Welcome to the world of Karma of Charme!