World wide web and Mr. X

Since we launched our new website, we also gained a new computer nerd. At least that’s what he  calls himself, so we can too – I think. Our computernerd (to save his reputation I will call him Mr. X, because I’m not sure if he, as a manly man, wants his name connected to a brandname as Carlala fashion) knows a lot about internet and social media and promised us 99 thousand likes on our Carlala Fashion facebook page within a year. Halleluja! Since then Mr. X has been worshiped by us and Carla can only dream of an endless amount of likes and an endless amount of unique visitors.
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So. There was our new website. Mr. X said it was of utter importance to develope content on our website. For the non-experts (including me), that means we wil have to make sure there’s new input and variation on the website every day. Movement in the form of blogs, pictures and blogs and pictures. Visitors, as told by Mr. X, only come back if they feel like there is something to see and do. Pretty clear so far. But, the real question is: HOW do you get people to visit your site in the first place? Considering I still live in the world of passing around flyers (Mr. X: “Suus, you don’t really still use Internet Explorer, do you?” Euhm), Mr. X thought it to be wise to give us some usefull tips and tricks. And one of those I would like to share.[separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]foto

The tip was that we should register at For the completion of this story I now have to take you on a short detour: I’m daily amazed by the amount of free time people seem to have. Where I can’t find time to tie my shoe laces, some people seem to have time to count the sand grains of a sand pit. PEOPLE, how can it be that EVERY terrace is full when the weather is right, if it’s weekend or not? So. I. am. amazed. My astonishment came rising up again when I registered to During the day. During the week. Withing 10 minutes, maybe 9, my post was seen by 25 people and even ‘hyped’ by 4. People, where do you get all that time? ![separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]

I don’t judge though ( Since I find the time to check facebook a trillion times a day) and I am happy people have this free time, because 1., I get compliments on my outfits and 2. I lure people to our website. SO, dear – (I assume!) recurrent- visitors: are you up for a lot of confidence boosting endorsement?  Then register at The only thing  you have to do is post a photo of yourself (with clothes, because that is kind of the point) and within a few minutes the worls is at your feet! Have fun en don’t forget to give Carlala Fashion some extra ‘hyping’! Have a nice weekend![separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]





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