What’s in the name

foto 4 ‘How? Carlala? As in double a? As in: Cee- A-Er-EL-A-EL-A?’
Yes, that is exactly it, l-al-a’ is a reason for most to giggle a bit. But lets be honest, it’s hard to forget. So if the big boss Carla will ever change our brand name? No way.[separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]

But what exactly is Carlala Fashion? Apart from the name being quite catchy (you’d almost start to sing), there’s quite the story behind Carlala(lala) fashion. The origin of Carlala lies in Siena, where shopping addict Carla bought her first pair of Karma of Charme boots for herself. Ze found out the shoes were handmade by a small Italian family business. She asked to be an agent for their brand. And so she became.[separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]

foto 2Carla took with her the passion of the shoemakers and travelled back to Holland with a backpack filled with boots. During the season she sold her first twohundred pairs of shoes. After a visit from Dutch TV-show RTL Boulevard in the showroom, the making of a Facebook site, the organization exclusive photoshoots, Karma of Charme grew step by step to be a well known brand in the Benelux. But Carla’s passion for fashion -thankfully- never stood still.[separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]

She dicovered bag-brand Campomaggi. Same story: Handmade, Italian, love at first sight. And yes, the agency for this brand was also in the pocket. After that Carla’s eye fell on the SeeMee brand: Jewelry made by women in Turkish and Tunesian homes for abused woman. The handmade cardigans from KirobyKim followed and because it was absolutely not busy enough some jackets were personally designed. The only thing missing, was a company name.[separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]
foto 3
The stacks of invoices are now a fact, the billions of impossible product names of Campomaggi-bags are a fact, the cooperation with the Italians (when an Italian says ‘yes’, nine out of ten times he means ‘maybe’) is a fact, the overfull showroom is a fact and the busy-ness is a fact. But the fact is also that Carlala is doing some great things! Yes, Carlala, With El-A-El-A. [separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]






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