Lets go to the beach, each, lets go get away..

Campomaggi bag
Campomaggi bag @ the beach


When I think about holidays, I think about the sun. When I think about the sun, I think about the sea.. and yes.. when I think about the sea, I think about my bikini.. or: being bikini-proof.

So where can we collect our killer body? Because lets be honest.. how great would that be..a bit of haggling on marktplaats.nl (a Dutch webshop where you can put offers on almost anything, pay as little for as much as we can, the Dutch way) and after this legendary buy chill out on the sofa with a self-satisfied smile on your face… ‘Did I do an awesome job or what?’

BUT unfortunately, that is not the way it goes.. you know that as well as I do.. and so does everybody esle. (Although maybe you could convince your 4 year old next door neighbour if your super bored). Ok, Plan B.

After a winter of binging on delicious lush brownies and hot chocolat with wipped cream it might be time for a change. And maybe it’s not that bad. Sometimes you need a wake up call. Lets shove the excuses aside and embrace the healthy way of life. No reason to comfort yourself with treats now the sun is out (‘I know that rain shower was out to get me!!’). Besides.. who doesn’t long for a romantic summer evening stroll at sunset?


So this morning I scratched my running shoes of my list of vague familiarities and put them back on my best friends list. I am ready for a energetic/sporty summer! And after a nice work out relax on the beach with a drink, Carlala hat to protect from the sun and Karma shoes on my feet to protect me from the heat of the warm sandy beach.

This is the life.

Have a great summer!!






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