Keep calm and stay busy

Inbetween all of the shoe, cardigan, bag and Kingsday crazy-ness, it’s finally time for our first blog. The very first blog on our website (hooray!). There is so little time, but in the fashion industry there’s hardly ever time. Crisis? A word that doesn’t exist in our vocabulary. Maybe the Fuck la Crise sign hanging from our door pays of?foto 5[separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]
Under the motto ‘you can always talk about crisis’ now lets get back to the important things of today: Carlala Fashion. As if today we want to keep you up-to-date about the ins and outs of our daily life in the office through the digital highway. And we wont write about: what bag do we want to hang on what hook and what kind of cheese we like on our bread, but: what do we do every time we go to Milaan, what does an ordinairy day at the office look like, and who are those girls on the photo’s? [separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]foto 4
Soon you will have the anwser to all these questions, but today we wont keep you any longer. Hopefully we grabbed your attention for next week! For now we are back to work and back to being busy: meeting clients on time, sending the invoices out ánd grabbing lunch inbetween all the madness. In the lovely sun ofcourse! With old cheese. [separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]
See you next week!
Love, [separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]
Carlala Fashion
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