Karma of Charme is Hot Stuff – your patience is requested

The Karma of Charme crew in Civitanova is working day and night to finalize all the shoes and boots of the winter collection and to have them shipped to the boutiques in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. This year again the demand for Karma of Charme shoes and boots has increased in comparison to last year. Therefore, today there are only a few boots and shoes available in the boutiques.

We are confident that in a few weeks time Karma of Charme has delivered the entire collection to their clients and that you can see what this year’s winter collection is all about. Please check our store page to see whether there are shops that sell Karma of Charme in your neighbourhood.

In case you need information or if you have a special questions please call on +31 20 2050955 or mail to info@carlalafashion.com







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