Invitation to the Micam, Milan, Italy, 2016 – 3 – 6 September in Hall 5 : Stand D05 – D07

Karma of Charme is a family run business. For each collection they produce only a small number of boots. Karma of Charme sells their boots in Ibiza, Spain and in Italy, nowhere else. Carlala Fashion is the resprentative for Karma of Charme and sells their shoes in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. As we are living in a small world with a lot of people travelling, we get a lot of requests of people all over the world where they can buy these shoes they love and adore. Luckily there are a few webshops where sometimes desperate admirers of Karma of Charme can purchase the models they are dreaming of.

Are you curious about the new winter 2016/2017 models? We can tell you already this collection has the real Indian style Karma of Charme shoes. Look for example at the Adventure, the Old Kansas, the Ymiz Ethnic.

Check the store page on our website to see which shops in your city or province sell Karma of Charme shoes. You can also call us +31 20 2050951 or mail us at info@carlalafashion.com or visit our showroom at the Nieuwendammerkade 26G, 2011 AB Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

They are soon opening other shops in Europe. The moccasin is the first type of footwear in human history. Karma of Charme has succeeded in reviving the mocassin tradition with collections that combine authenticity, tradition, spirituality, beauty and today’s high standards. All boots are handmade. Karma of Charme is different from all the others. Karma of Charme has succeeded to bring forward a modern reincarnation of the traditional moccasin.


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