The things that make your Christmas just perfect

To me Christmas means being with my loved ones, coziness, looking back at last year,  pretty dresses and accessories and one thing I really look forward to (this already starts every year in Spring) is all the tasty food we have for Christmas.

Christmas is the time for me to be thankful. Thankful for everyone around me, because, to me the people who support and love me are the most important. New Year is a moment for me where you leave all the bad things and bad choices behind you and move on to a new year. Making new memories and maybe making bad choices again, because that’s what life is about. Making mistakes, learn and move on.

Christmas is also about giving and sharing. So for all our Christmas lovers, keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Festive giveaways are on the way.

What would be the perfect Christmas for you?

Happy holidays!


Lotte Hasselerharm






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