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Good afternoon dear Carlala fashion blog readers. As the new edition to the Carlala fashion team it seemed like a good idea to introduce myself. And how better than through a blog? So here it goes. I am Josephien, 25 years old and I live in Amsterdam, I’ve been working at Carlala fashion for a month now (yay). I like to eat (a lot) and I have no pets.

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Last summer I came back from a gap year in London on a mission, finding a great job in Amsterdam, with nice colleges where I can do varied work. And o yes… I did!!

After the frustrating period of searching –I think almost everyone knows what I mean-, so much freedom that you don’t even know what to do with you Saturday afternoons because it might as well be a Monday afternoon. Sleep in just a tad too long (I promised myself to wake up at 8am to go to find a job), drinking wine with my friends a little too often. And the rest of my time, crawl behind that laptop to find a job, go on that bike for an interview or on your way to your life exhilarating day job of the moment. You almost wouldn’t think, but boy was I done with that! Having a lot of spare time, and still don’t really do a lot.

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And then… as if lightning struck.. there was Carlala Fashion! Early September I could finally start, and how! It was one of the busier times that come around ever so often here at Carlala fashion and I was good to go.[separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]

Starting a job is always a bit nerve wrecking, even though I was exited from the start, and the first couple of weeks I didn’t know what hit me. There is a lot going on in the fashion agency busyness, but whatever happens, everything works out. Yep, quite intimidating, because what if I make a mistake, or don’t organize something perfectly? Luckily my colleagues are fun and my boss is sweet and it became quite clear that making mistakes is part of the learning process! Now I’ve been here for a month already and boy does time fly when you’re having fun![separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]

In Suzette’s blogs it becomes quite clear how much variation this job offers, because yes, I too have had my first moments in front of the camera (Quite the amateur still), and I can tell you: It doesn’t come naturally. I still feel a little awkward in front of the camera but I think I’ll have to deal with it and take a strike a pose lesson from the rest of the Carlala fashion team, because I am obviously not going to get out of it. [separator type=’transparent’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=’5′ down=’5′]
And I too go from writing invoices and putting in orders to being on the phone with customers, communication with the brands, social media, and now, my first try at blogging. The busier you are, the more you do! No day is ever the same at the Carlala office and I love it!

Enjoy the rest of the week you all!


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