Michele & Hoven
Is an ethical brand which produces timeless collections, designed for conscious people who follow urban fashion but who also choose versatile and quality garments.


Unique Origins
Peruvian Andes, a beautiful land of unique resources, bring the collections of Michele & Hoven to life.


Natural raw materials
With absolute respect for natural resources and the protection of the environment, Michele & Hoven make use of raw materials to obtain the highest quality for the finest products made from Alpaca wool from the Peruvian Andes, which is hypoalergenic, soft as cashemere and 7 times warmer than other types of wool. Peruvian Pima Cotton which is fine weave, delicate , elegant and soft as a second skin. 


Artisan process
They ensure that care is taken in attention to detail by expert Peruvian artisans. Together they are working to save indigenous weaving techniques and to promote women’s leadership for gender equality. 


The result
The result is a unique collection of simple timeless garments, that last season after season.


Michele & Hoven professes a life philosophy witch adds value to the designs, making them more than merely article of clothing. 

Soft, natural, timeless, original, special and unique. This is Michele & Hoven.