Marco Campomaggi -the designer of Campomaggi- thinks, dreams and designs bag collections that are the perfect match between the ancient art of leather processing and the passion for detail. His amazing creativity combined with the painstaking care of the artisan process is the key of success. Marco was born in Teodorano, located in the heart of Romagna. This little village was built around its fascinating Castle and this is where Marco Campomaggi developed his love for art. This landscape deeply influenced his human and artistic growth. He picked the scenery of Emilia-Romagna as the symbol of his creations. Marco started to make bags in 1983 and was very much influenced by his father, a sculptor.


In 1990 Marco created the brand CAMPOMAGGI: a collection of unique artisan bags with a worn look. Bags which do not follow a seasonal trend and increase their value with the passing of time. His creations are the expression of his passion for craftmanship. Each detail and each bag tell a story.


Campomaggi’s bags are made of carefuly chosen materials, ranging from leather to fabrics, metal details and studs. Due to a special processing technique the bags can be made with a particular natural cowhide leather, which can only be procured from Tuscany, in the heart of Italy. Special tanks with vegetal, expressly studied colouring agents are used for the washing procedure to get the typical CAMPOMAGGI look. Campomaggi does not follow fashion trends that go by after just one season and caters for clients who have an open mind and a love for a kind of beauty that is not standardized and is timeless.


A detailed search in which nothing is left to chance, the worn look of Campomaggi’s bags is the result of both a garment dyeing technique and expertise and skilled hands that create every single CAMPOMAGGI bag. The hands that make the bag, from stitching to polishing, from stud to crystal element application, transmit a personal feeling and create therefore a unique product.


Campomaggi’s colours are the natural shades of the soil: cognac brown, dark brown, blue, black, and military green. The used fabrics, like linings, canvas and ropes, are 100% natural and eco-compatible and acquire the same shade of leather, since each bag is garment dyed in each single detail after it has been assembled.


Each detail has a meaning and the story and quality are linked together.